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Our Purpose, Our Mission, Our Reason for Being!

The Purpose Statement for our veterinary practice is a comprehensive guide.  It outlines our core values, goals, and commitments.  To the right you will find this Purpose Statement.  The following is a detailed explanation.  It will help you understand what each part of the statement signifies.

  1. Provide a Premier Level of Veterinary Care.  
    We have a high standard of service that our practice aims to offer.  It includes using advanced medical techniques.  It means staying updated with the latest veterinary research.  This guarantees that every pet receives top-notch medical attention.

  2. Dedicated to the Well-being of Small Animal Pets.  
    We focus on small animals.  Our team specializes in caring for these pets.  We have the knowledge to meet their specific needs.

  3. Nurture Every Stage of Their Life Cycle with Expert Advice and Care.  
    We commit to supporting pets from birth to old age.  This includes providing preventative care.  It also involves treatment during illnesses, and compassionate support as they age.

  4. Building Trustworthy and Respectful Relationships. 
    This emphasizes the importance of creating strong, positive relationships with clients and staff.  It involves open communication, empathy, and respect.  It also involves a commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of pet owners.

  5. Promoting Best-Practice Healthcare.  
    This reflects our dedication to excellence in veterinary medicine.  It means staying updated on and implementing the best practices in pet healthcare.  This ensures that pets receive the most effective and compassionate treatment.

  6. Advocating Passionately for Our Patients.  
    In this context, advocacy means our practice acts in the best interest of the patients.  Sometimes, this goes beyond medical treatment.  It ensures their overall well-being and proper treatment in the wider community.

  7. Fostering the Development and Training of the Next Generation of Veterinary Professionals.  
    This shows a commitment to education and professional growth.  We commit to the knowledge and skills within the veterinary field.  We will continue to evolve and improve.  This benefits future pets and pet owners.

  8. Balances the Cost of Veterinary Care with Everyday Living.  
    We acknowledge the financial aspect of pet care.  We show an understanding that veterinary expenses can be a concern.  We have a commitment to providing cost-effective solutions.  It also implies a commitment to not compromising the quality of care.

  9. Ensuring Sustainability for All.  
    We consider the immediate needs as well as the long-term welfare of pets.  Also those of their owners, and the practice itself.  This implies a balanced approach.  This approach secures the future of our services and the community we serve.

This purpose statement declares our practice's dedication to excellence in veterinary care.  It declares our compassion for animals.  It shows our commitment to our community and staff.  It serves as a guiding principle for our team.  We commit to advancing the field of veterinary medicine.  

The quality and integrity of our services are our highest priority.


Family Vet Limited

A big part of our local community - Our Veterinary Practice has been an integral part of our local community since February 2010. In that time, we’ve helped thousands of our clients cats & dogs, rabbits, rats and even a few birds.